NEW! Introducing the goLibrary at the Olathe Community Center

Use the goLibrary to pick up your holds, return materials and more using the
Olathe Public Library's unique set of lockers at the new Olathe Community Center. 

Desk improvements are coming to Olathe Downtown.

On Friday, October 31, our Olathe Downtown location will open late, at 1 PM.

Let’s Celebrate the Day of the Dead

Children, come celebrate the Day of the Dead by decorating a traditional sugar skull!  

Join us for Raising a Reader, Our 6 x 6 Literacy Skills Program

Help grow your children’ s “pre-reading” skills as you interact together with educational toys and activity centers. 

Try Tech Garage!

Drop-in and learn more about Microsoft Word, Excel, Google, the Internet, e-mail and downloadable books, music and magazines from the library. 

Have Old Cell Phones? Donate them to SAFEHOME.

The library collects used cell phones and cell phone batteries year-round for SAFEHOME,a shelter for domestic abuse victims.